Houndit Depot Sortation Module

Managing items within the depot allows you to increase the volumes you can process while maintaining audit control. Houndit’s Depot Sortation module allows you to track item movements and instantly know where to store or retrieve them. Moving multiple items as one consolidation reduces scans needed. Notice left processing quickly enables depot staff to retrieve customer collection items.

  • Receipting
  • Dispatching
  • Dispatch manifests
  • Returns & end of day balancing
  • Customer pick up
  • Sortation Areas
  • Cross docking bulk updates
  • Consolidations/Overwraps
  • Problem order processing
  • Docket left processing
  • Pre-advice add/edit
  • Courier transfer


Fulfilment-Processing-_depotsortation-21022012181412    Workstation-client_depotsortation-21022012181429

Operating a fulfilment facility requires you to identify orders correctly, produce labels and move items for shipping in an efficient and timely manner. Houndit’s Fulfilment does all this and will even produce dispatch manifests and customs clearance interface files.

Houndit offers a fully functional PC based client for all of the features that would normally be performed using a hand held terminal. This allows you to process items in bulk away from the sorting floor while still maintaining the same business flows.