Houndit Core Modules

Core components can be teamed with additional modules for Collections, Depot Sortation, Planning, Reporting and Interfacing. Each module can be tailored to include functionality such as fulfilment processing , mapping, compliance alerts and client notifications.

Receipt and Manifests

  • Receipt External
  • Dispatch external scan
  • Scan load manifest
  • Scan load rural
  • Trip preview and publication
  • Manifest download
  • Manifest print
  • Load against manifest
  • Auto Publish


  • Delivery note tracking
  • Locations on road
  • Search-it
  • Track-it
  • Manual trip completion

On the Road Deliveries

  • Courier messaging
  • Locker deliveries
  • Vehicle checks
  • Make / take calls
  • Capture photo
  • Capture GPS
  • Trip / drop / product exception events
  • Drop consolidation at delivery

Reporting & Administration

  • User administration
  • User role administration
  • Remore device provisioning
  • Manual batch
  • Operational



Add-ons are available for certain modules within Houndit Enterprise, making it more adaptable to your business requirements.